By Trt Thongnuan

25 March 2016

#6 Entertainment

Bangkok is home to all kinds of entertainment whether traditional or modern. Children, teenagers, adults or senior people find it easy to enjoy what makes them happy and entertained in this capital.

Watching movies or going to concerts are regular hobbies of people in Bangkok. Many cinemas are located in different parts of the capital, offering to moviegoers a fantastic movie experience with surrealistic sound and a futuristic design, whereas local cinemas are still there to serve small communities with cheap tickets and an opportunity to enjoy a set of films being shown. For tourists seeking a newly-released film, they can choose from a wide number of screens available at almost every shopping mall in Bangkok.

Bangkok is also a capital of music. Many musical events are held to serve those with a variety of musical tastes. There are many concert venues serving all these events, plus quite a few theaters and auditoriums to accommodate music lovers. Live music is also a charm that complements Bangkok’s night life. Many bars and restaurants features live music as highlight of the night with famous local or international brands performing. Many hotels offer live music for guests sipping their favorite drinks at the lobby. Guests at some hotels might be surprised to be specially given a performance by a strolling minstrel as a surprise for their birthday.

Children may find other forms of entertainment appealing. Although one of Bangkok’s best known theme parks ‘Dan Neramit’ was shut down more than 15 years ago, there are still a few theme parks to enjoy — Siam Park, where they can enjoy both rides and water parks and Dream World, currently the largest theme park that offers all kinds of fun. Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon is one of the largest indoor aquariums in Southeast Asia where children can study marine life and have an awareness of how to preserve it. If they want to explore animal life, they can go to either Dusit Zoo, Bangkok’s most famous zoo and Safari World, a large outdoor zoo to explore urban wildlife. The real fun for them happens once a year on the second Saturday of January, when many organizations hold activities exclusively for children on Children’s Day.

Summer in Bangkok is ideal for a number of activities, one of which has been enjoyed for decades and become a signature for Bangkokians. Kite flying at Sanam Luang or The Royal Ground has been a trademark summer activity for a long time. In the late afternoon before sunset, the blue sky is filled with colorful kites of various sizes and designs while sitting on the ground are a lot of people watching the kite display while feeling the summer breeze.

If you love to explore things by nature, you will be amazed by the entertainment you can get from a number of activities which come by surprise or can pop up without prior notice. The most recent and currently popular one is the flashmob of 1,600 pandas making a temporary but talk-of-the-town visit to some of Bangkok’s famous attractions like The Royal Ground, Hua Lum Pong Railway Station, Santi Chai Prakan Park, and The Giant Swing.

Whether it is day or night, Bangkok finds its way to provide its locals and tourists with the unique fun that keeps them constantly entertained.