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50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #8 Green

Bangkok may fail the green urban areas test, with an insufficient amount of green space that big cities need, but it is great news that the green awareness has finally been built in the mind of Bangkokians. At least, if they want to breathe some fresh air, they have a variety of parks to choose from.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #7 Food

Bangkok is a charming capital that attracts food lovers. As Thai food has become recognized all over the world for its spicy and unique taste, Bangkok is undeniably a national hub of Thai cuisine.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #6 Entertainment

Bangkok is home to all kinds of entertainment whether traditional or modern. Children, teenagers, adults or senior people find it easy to enjoy what makes them happy and entertained in this capital.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #5 Diversity

It is not an exaggeration to say that Bangkok is a capital of diversity. As Thailand's largest city, it is a melting pot where people of different races, religions, ideas and social statuses come to live together, forming a unique cultural group that best represents the area.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #4 Coffee Culture

FFrom Starbung to Starbucks, it is not difficult to find a good cup of coffee in Bangkok. A hectic life in Bangkok sees an increasing number of people heavily dependent on caffeine intake. In the morning during weekdays, it is common to see office workers wait for takeaway coffee or hold a cup of it in the street --- a scene tourists to any big cities are likely to witness.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #3 Buildings

Buildings mark how developed a city is. Bangkok is a fast-growing capital that houses many skyscrapers as its landmarks such as Baiyoke II Building, Thailand's tallest building from 1997 to 2015 and MahaNakhon Building, currently the tallest. Several famous rooftop bars and restaurants are situated on the top floor of these skyscrapers providing a breathtaking view and a memorable dining experience. Also, they form the famous Bangkok skyline, a familiar spot commonly seen in postcards or photo books.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #2 Bridges

It can be said that bridges are a truthful reflection of Bangkok's people attachment to river life. Capitals all over the world pride themselves on having bridges as a landmark like The Tower Bridge in London, Charles Bridge in Prague, Pont Alexandre III in Paris or even The Harbor Bridge in Sydney. Bangkok is no exception.

50 Reasons to Love Bangkok #1 Art

Bangkok boasts a variety of art whether it is ancient or modern, Eastern or Western, religious or cultural, or concrete or abstract. You can also be exposed to a mixture of it.