by TRT Thongnuan

28 February 2016

#1 ART

Bangkok boasts a variety of art whether it is ancient or modern, Eastern or Western, religious or cultural, or concrete or abstract. You can also be exposed to a mixture of it. Visit Rattanakosin temples to appreciate the stunning beauty of the decorative patterns in the Buddhist structures, on the door and window panels or on the walls, take a boat along Saen Saep canal to enjoy some of the modern graffiti colorfully created alongside, or ride along Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road to discover the modern art reflecting contemporary culture that is artfully created on the remaining stones of the failed Hopewell Elevated Road and Train Project, currently known as Thailand’s Stonehenge. Art is everywhere in this lovely capital, giving you a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in it. Go to The National Museum Bangkok, The National Gallery Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center (RCAC), or Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca) and lose yourself in the world of ancient and contemporary art. Or take a selfie of you with some of the amazing graffiti on the buildings at Chalerm La Park.