#4 Coffee Culture

From Starbung to Starbucks, it is not difficult to find a good cup of coffee in Bangkok. A hectic life in Bangkok sees an increasing number of people heavily dependent on caffeine intake. In the morning during weekdays, it is common to see office workers wait for takeaway coffee or hold a cup of it in the street — a scene tourists to any big cities are likely to witness. Early birds find it easy to zip coffee at McDonald’s, many of which are open 24/7 or at Starbucks, some of which are open as early as 6 in the morning. Tourists who happen to stay at a hotel near a business district may come across coffee kiosks on both sides of the streets. At Aree business district, for example, several coffee kiosks stand not far from each other, offering customers a variety of coffee of both Thai and international brands at a cheap price. Freshly-brewed coffee at kiosks on Silom Rd. gives an aroma which is hard to resist.

Many coffee houses in Bangkok have emerged in response to the growing popularity of coffee among young people. Many of them attract young hipsters with a cozy atmosphere, a space for chitchat and a corner for some nice pictures. Some of them proudly present their signature drink which is to coffee lovers a must-try one. Old buildings have been renovated and changed to nice coffee houses offering a new coffee experience. Explore the old town area and you will find plenty of them waiting to serve you.

Coffee houses are more than just a place to have good coffee. They are a great place for friends to hang out. They create a highly effective working space. They provide a comfy and relaxing corner for tourists who are tired and thirsty after exploring this beautiful capital. They draw people of different cultural backgrounds who share the same coffee passion. Most importantly, they reflect the ongoing life in Bangkok — regulars sipping their favorite coffee while reading the daily paper on the same old sofa every day, businessmen having a short informal meeting while holding their hot cup, parents enjoying their free time at Starbucks Convent after their children go to school, students working on their assignments and reading books at Starbucks Kasetsart University, backpackers stopping for a cup of iced Americano at Starbucks Ban Chart to refresh and prepare themselves for a long journey ahead.

Even half way up to The Golden Mount, there is a coffee house for those who wish to take a short break with some refreshing drinks. Or what about a True Coffee corner on the top floor of Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, where what is much more fantastic than a cup of coffee is a golden opportunity to discover the stunning panoramic view of Rattanakosin Island? A Dean and Deluca store on the first floor of the now-tallest building in Thailand, MahaNakhon? The first Starbucks by Chao Phraya River at Thamaharaj? A Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) store at Central Embassy with a breathtaking view of the skytrain and the Bangkok skyline? Café of Norasingha at Phayathai Palace?

These are coffee houses that will add spice to your life.

by TRT Thongnuan

3 March 2016