by TRT Thongnuan

1 March 2016

#3 Buildings

Buildings mark how developed a city is. Bangkok is a fast-growing capital that houses many skyscrapers as its landmarks such as Baiyoke II Building, Thailand’s tallest building from 1997 to 2015 and MahaNakhon Building, currently the tallest. Several famous rooftop bars and restaurants are situated on the top floor of these skyscrapers providing a breathtaking view and a memorable dining experience. Also, they form the famous Bangkok skyline, a familiar spot commonly seen in postcards or photo books.

In the old town area, tall buildings are not allowed to be constructed. A row of two-story old buildings stand along both sides of the roads. Those buildings of Western architecture were built in the reign of King Rama V, when westernization began to flourish. Now old buildings at Tha Tien and Tha Chang have been renovated and revitalized, bringing back what it feels like to be in a 100-year-ago Bangkok. The yellow buildings along Ratchadamnoen Rd., which have witnessed protests, demonstrations and uprisings throughout 83 years of democracy, have been transformed into tourist attractions like Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall and Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center.

Old buildings reflect the sense of strong community in Bangkok. The architecture of the buildings in Yaowaraj Chinatown goes well with the lifestyle of the Thai-Chinese people living there. Buildings along Charoen Krung Rd. give us a glimpse of the once Western-like Bangkok, which we may come across in old pictures or postcards.

The Chao Phraya River would not be magnificent without the help of buildings standing on both sides. Some of them are world-class five-star hotels which you can be assured that an overnight stay in a room with a river view will give you such a fantastic experience. And imagine how paradise-like Bangkok at night will be when all these buildings are decorated with lights signifying that the city will never sleep.

Even some abandoned buildings have become surprisingly popular among those who love challenge when they manage to get to the top of the building to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Bangkok. The abandoned skyscraper on Sathorn Rd. says it all.